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VoIP Services

Have an Internet Connection? Want to save money with Voice Over IP? 

BT will be switching off their analogue PSTN telephone lines in 2025 to make way for VoIP.  Voice over IP runs your business voice communications over your existing internet connection. Using VoIP can save you money, and grant you mobility in where you work. Contact the team today to learn how we can help you. 

We Provide the Following vOIP Services

VOIP Migration

We can help you save money by transitioning to VoIP services.

VOIP Support

Have a problem and need help? We can help you resolve your VoIP issues or help implement new features.

IT Support Essex

VOIP Management

We can help manage and monitor your VoIP solution proactively. Making sure your phones stay online.

Benefits Of Using A VOIP Solution

Alongside the introduction of cloud services, many businesses have benefitted from migrating their phone systems to the cloud. Below are just a few of the reasons why we recommend this service.


Save money by migrating from your traditional telephony solution, which will reduce your monthly billing and modernise your phone system.


Take advantage of the mobility. As VOIP is a cloud based service, this provides the ability to access your phone system from anywhere!

Easy Provisioning

Provision new phones and extensions within minutes. As VoIP is software based you will not need to worry about costly engineer visits.

Call Features

Gain new call features to help improve your customer service. Call queues, welcome greetings, hunt groups, call recordings, shared cloud phone books and much more.

Sounding Professional

We offer professional voice recordings with background music. Polish your phone system with expert sounding welcome messages, on-hold recordings and out-of-hours information.

Mobile Integration

We can integrate mobile phones with our VoIP system, giving you the full flexibility of your phone system as if you were in the office using mobile apps and 4G/5G technology.

Sweetbyte Fully Managed VOIP Solution

At Sweetbyte, we can provide you with a cost effective VOIP solution to suit all businesses  From sole traders to large businesses, our VOIP solution is feature rich and will provide the quality and security needed for your business. Speak to the team to find out how you can save money from moving from your existing provider.  

Laurelle London

When Laurelle London approached us in 2019 they needed help with their phone system and network infrastructure.  We implemented many changes modernizing their IT systems and still continue to do so as they are continuing to grow.  More recently in 2022 we helped Laurelle move to bigger premises installing a Wi-Fi system with 20 access points, new VoIP telephony system and upgrading their network infrastructure for scalable growth.  Below is what they say about us. 

Sweetbyte are a great team. They always offer a professional and prompt service. They were fundamental in helping us move to our new premises with minimum down time. They setup our new VOIP, Internet connection and WIFI network to cover our new facility.