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Printer Maintenance in Essex

Sweetbyte offer printer, plotter, digital scanner and all-in-one multifunction maintenance services across Essex and surrounding counties.  We pride ourselves in offering the very best in customer service and value for money.  Our printer services and maintenance contracts are straight forward and have no hidden costs. We can help you to save money if your current printer maintenance is costing your business too much, we offer honest, reliable and expert advise.  We can also provide you with comparisons in Printer Toner Economy so that your business is running at maximum efficiency for your consumable costs.

Our Services Include

  • Printer Maintenance Contracts – Our comprehensive tailored printer maintenance contracts are flexible for your business needs.  We can offer different levels of service depending on your requirements so you get expert help when you need it.  With plans from as little as £49 per month we not only give you peace of mind but our IT Support Helpdesk can 9/10 get a resolution over the phone.
  • Toner/Ink Monitoring Services – We monitor many businesses ink consumption to make sure you never run out.  Another unique service by Sweetbyte in that we help local SME’s with the essential smooth running of their business.  Let us take care of all your IT services, one provider saving you money and less hassle dealing with multiple providers.
  • Free Printer Comparisons – Another great service from Sweetbyte is that we offer a free printer comparison service to make sure you are getting the best economy out of your current equipment.  We look at things like  1. The age of your current machine  2. The costs for ink/toner consumption  3. The average cost for maintenance  4. If there are any new/alternative products that would provide better services to your business  5. And most importantly if we can save running costs for your business
  • New Printer Supplies and Installations – We supply new printers and printing consumables for businesses across Essex.  Depending on stock levels this is normally a next day delivery service.  We can also integrate new printers, multifunction printer/scanner/copiers into your business network by highly experienced expert engineers.
  • All-In-One Printers with Address Book/Scanning Functionality – With great attention to detail we make sure you receive the best level of service from your printer by utilising all of it’s “Tech” functionality so the users can be more efficient and be up to date with the latest in technological advancements.
  • Printer Networking – We make sure that you get the most out of your printer by connecting it to your network in the most efficient way so that all users have connectivity.  We can lay additional network cables if required.  By having a printer connected to your IT network or even a internet enabled printer we can also provide you with remote monitoring and maintenance services at cost effective prices.
  • Remote & Wireless Printing Services – Most printers nowadays come with much improved connectivity features.  Working from home but still need to print to the office remotely?  Or maybe you require tablets and other mobile devices to be able to print.  Whatever your business IT requirements Sweetbyte can provide a solutions for you.

“Comprehensive printer support including service, maintenance, installation and general support when your business needs it quick”

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Here are our Top Tips For Printer Maintenance To Keep Your Machine in Top Working Order

Printers are an essential part of all businesses.  But, maintaining a printer no matter how much you use it can be a pain.  Just when you require printing something urgently it will be typical that something will not work.  Whether you own a small office printer or large multifunction all-in-one laser printer a few simple tips listed below will help you maintain your printer.  However if that is not something you want to do because of you either don’t want to or have no time then we can help.

1. Top Tip – Make sure you have the latest drivers

One of the most important aspects that many users do not know is that keeping the drivers up to date on your PC or Mac will help a lot. You may receive regular notifications on your computer or printer that there is an update available so please take note.  Many printer malfunctions are caused by incorrectly installed or out of date drivers.  Be sure to regularly check your manufacturer’s website for up to date advice on your printer.

2. Toners, Cartridges and Consumables

We at Sweetbyte highly recommend using the correct manufactures consumables for a few reasons.  Yes they might be expensive however they are certified from the manufacturer to be fully compatible therefore avoiding malfunction and avoiding manufacturer warranty.  Many printer manufacturers now offer extended warranty when you purchase original certified replacement toner cartridges, drum and imaging units from them.    Never compromise on the quality of your printer consumables it may cost you more in the long run.

3. Cleaning

Regular cleaning helps your printer to avoid those annoying printer jams as well as dirty marks on the printouts.  Always turn your printer off at the mains before opening and use link-free cloths which avoids excess dust particles.  Other methods for cleaning printers include using compressed air cans to blow dust away and hoovers however we recommend leaving that to the experts as fragile components can be damaged.

4. Avoid Blockages

It is good practice to regularly use your printer which helps to avoid ink drying up and creating blockages.  It is also essential to clean your print head regularly.  This can be done either at the printer console or the software which comes with your printer drivers.  If your printer does have a blockage it may also require manual cleaning, again tis must be done with the printer turned off and using special printer maintenance cleaning kits.


 5. Be careful when replacing Toner & Ink cartridges

Do not rush when replacing these consumables as they are fragile and can be damaged easily.  Make sure you read the manufacturers instructions first as incorrect installation can cause damage to the cartridge, toner and/or printer.  As said before make sure you use the recommended manufacturer consumable and when disposing of the old ink bear in mind for the environment.  Many large superstores in the UK offer free ink disposal in their stores.