Business ADSL / Leased Lines

Leased Lines at Affordable Prices

We offer business broadband / leased line services at affordable prices. Contact us now with your requirements, and we will see if we can help you save money today.

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VOIP Systems

Looking For A VOIP System

We can provide Voice Over IP services to help reduce your communication costs and improve communication functionality. We could save you money!

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Mobile & Data Services

Data Packages

Need mobile data services for remote office? Or as a backup in case of lease line issues. We can provide Mobile data solutions for your business.

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Communication is essential to the success of your business. We at Sweetbyte can provide a range of communication services for all your needs.

Why have several different suppliers for your I.T. support and communication services. We can offer discounts if you consume a number of our services together. The benefits for this for your business is you have one provider to look after your I.T. and communication requirements making life easier for you.

We also offer advice and guidance on using mobility applications such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and collaboration tools which can help you improve communication among your employees and partners.

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