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Business Critical Data Protection

Sweetbyte highly recommend that every business should not just have one backup but at least two.  You can never rely on just one backup set due to hardware failures, backup failure, backup inconsistencies etc…  Also a hard fact from Tech Republic for why we should all protect our company data is that 66% of SMBs would either go out of business completely, or be forced to shut down for at least a day should they lose their company data.

Why Our Customers Choose Sweetbyte Backup Services To Secure Critical Company Data For Their Business

Sweetbyte offer backup services for every service that all businesses require.  Sweetbyte Backup Services are secure and scalable that efficiently protects and recovers data for both on-premise or cloud based company data.  From SMB’s to enterprise level Sweetbyte can facilitate your business requirements with powerful capabilities that automate service delivery and minimize operational overhead.

  • Office 365 backup

Cloud backups are becoming more popular simply because more businesses are now moving to the cloud.  This provides businesses with additional protection being off premise therefore omitting the chance of local hardware failures, fire, theft and even virus attacks.  Email backups, SharePoint Backups and One drive Backups are the mainstream however we can also backup Microsoft Azure services as well.

  • G-Suite / Google Workspace Backup

Sweetbyte currently backup all Google Workspace features in order to give our customers peace of mind.  This includes E-Mail backups and company data backups.

  • Workstation Backup

Sweetbyte Mac Backup & Windows Backup is most easy, efficient, and secure.  We can either backup your data to a device on premise or to our secure hosted backup cloud solution. With it, you can protect everything on your Mac or Windows PCs from data threats including hardware and software failures, accidental deletions, and cyber attacks.  Get in touch with us today and we can defend your business data, ensure business continuity which can  save you time and money.

  • Server Backup

With our managed Server backup solutions you can rest assured that your critical company data is safe with us.  We monitor backup schedule’s to ensure your company data backups are running smoothly.  From large enterprise level storage to standalone server environments our experts are on hand to provide the right backup service for your business.

  • NAS Backup

We provide managed NAS Backup services for on-premise and/or cloud.  From NAS duplication for faster Disaster Recovery to daily cloud backups we offer flexible, reliable backup services to suit any business.

  • Website Backups

It is just as important to keep your website backed up to protect your site from Malware attacks, server corruption and even website management or plugin updates which may go wrong.  All our backup services are centrally managed by our expert team so you can have peace of mind.

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